Rent service

The agents of RE Kinnisvara AS are full-time professional real estate agents committed to developing their vocational competence to perfection.

Real estate agents are simultaneously both financial experts and psychologists who must find a compromise between the hopes and expectations of all parties. Good deals are paved on professional and positive communicative skills.


What do we offer?

We will determine your expectations as a Landlord

  • We agree on the requirements for the Tenant

In order to offer your property to the Tenant, we will visit the property beforehand:

  • We write down the main advantages
  • We discuss the possible disadvantages and, if necessary, make proposals for the possible improvements based on our experience
  • We consider the present rental market situation and suggest our own rental price, if necessary
  • We take high-quality photographs with the respective photo editing
  • We draw up a professional advertising and promotional material so that people with genuine interest could find the necessary information already online

We will quickly find a reliable and solvent Tenant for your property:

  • We advertise your property on our homepage, various real estate websites and among cooperation partners and loyal customers
  • We communicate with potential Tenants
  • We show the property to the potential Tenants (either with or without the presence of the Owner, as agreed)
  • We check the background of potential Tenants on Krediidiinfo, various public registers and the real estate companies’ blacklists

We will also deal with all the necessary documentation:

  • We draw up an appropriate Lease Contract (for a specified or unspecified period of time)
  • We draw up a receipt and delivery confirmation.

Regular dissemination of information and feedback.

Consultations and referrals in case of sales and acquisition of property

Additional services:

For an additional fee, we may offer the service of receiving the keys from the Tenant and the termination of the Lease Contract (in case the Owner is unable to attend the termination of contract in person).


What do we offer?

We will determine your expectations as a Tenant

  • We agree on the requirements for the property

We will quickly find a suitable residential property for you:

  • We offer suitable properties from both our own and our partners’ portfolios
  • As all offers may not be public, you will have the advantage of receiving information on new properties before others
  • We will arrange showings of various properties at a time suitable time
  • We will accompany you at showings, represent you as the Tenant in negotiations and ask all the necessary questions

We will assist you in preparing the documentation

  • We will consider the terms and conditions proposed by the Landlord in the Lease Contract and make respective additions or suggestions, if necessary. Contract Conclude the Lease Contract with you.

Regular communication and feedback.

Consultations and referrals in case of sales and acquisition of property