Brokers at RE Kinnisvara AS are knowledgeable and take into account the wishes and needs of all customers. In addition to real estate brokerage services, we offer our customers expert advice (due diligence). Any transaction involving real estate must be given careful consideration because the decision is one that is usually taken for a very long period of time and a wrong decision when buying or selling real estate may mean significant economic loss.

There is no right or wrong real estate. Instead, there are only right and wrong expectations and, consequently, right and wrong prices. RE Kinnisvara is precise, specific and reliable, and knows how to balance your expectations and hopes.

In selling real estate, RE Kinnisvara uses both general sales channels and other possibilities – including visually attractive and specially designed banners – for your real estate in various online sales portals, Dutch auctions, etc.

There is real estate that has many buyers at the right price. But there is also real estate that has only a few buyers, sometimes only one, regardless of the price. The buyer must be found. This is what we do.

It is the characteristics of the real estate that most determine the choice of measures that we advise the customer to take in order to achieve the expected outcome – the right approach will substantially shorten the time to closing the transaction.

We want to provide the best possible service to all our customers, including those who don’t yet know exactly what they want and are still looking around. Not everyone will find the perfect home right away, which is why we suggest that you look at it as a long-term process – a road that has a specific destination: your own home.

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Brokerage of purchase and sale of residential property

Price list
Site Brokerage fee
Apartments in Tallinn 3-5% of transaction value
Apartments outside Tallinn As agreed
Land and buildings in Tallinn 5% of transaction value
Land and buildings outside Tallinn As agreed
Advisory (due diligence) As agreed