The value of real estate

From time to time, people have the necessity or wish to buy or sell real estate. How can one be sure that the price offered in the case of a purchase or sale is fair? Is the timing the best for the respective transaction at the moment?

Real estate is an investment that maintains its value the best among all asset classes and can also increase it. Whether the price rises or falls, real estate is still used in the same way. In addition to the purchase and sales value, real estate also has a value in use.

Not all types of real estate are suitable for investment. The feasibility and profitability of an investment depend on the purchase price and the location of the real estate, as well as the market. But how does one recognise a good investment?

The decision must be thoroughly considered and thought through, taking into account both the investment and consumption value, that usually complement each other.

We can help you in this consideration, sensing the perspective and understanding of what the fair price and value of the property is at the specific point in time when the transaction is made. Sometimes we will also advise you to forego or postpone the transaction.

Appraisal of real estate

The best way to get or pay the fair price is to consult with specialists. RE Kinnisvara has been engaged with the appraisal of real estate since 1995 and our appraisals are accepted by all financial institutions operating in Estonia. RE Kinnisvara is a solid partner to audit companies, banks and many other enterprises.

RE Kinnisvara employs nationally renowned and certified appraisers, who base their activities on the applicable standards (EVS875) and the Code of Good Practices of the Estonian Association of Appraisers.

Real estate appraisal is a process determining the market value of real estate. The appraised property can be an apartment, house, lot, commercial property or other object in the Land Register. We can also appraise a legal share of a registered immovable.

The necessity for an expert assessment usually arises when additional funds are involved in a company and when applying for a loan against the collateral of real estate. Expert assessment is also often needed in the resolution of legal disputes and when describing the economic situation of a company adequately in the financial report. The completion of an expert assessment of a residential property takes one to two business days from the inspection of the property.

Appraisal of commercial real estate

RE Kinnisvara will ensure to the client that their deadlines are respected and the best solution is provided even in the appraisal of more complicated properties. Our experience with commercial property is extensive – from plants to shopping centres, industrial parks to harbours.

Expert assessments realised by RE Kinnisvara vary in their volume and content, but are all characterised by their professionalism. Our advantage is our long-term experience in the sector of commercial real estate, good grasp of appraisal methods and extensive client portfolio.

The specialists at RE Kinnisvara have a great overview of the market situation and a significant part of Estonian enterprises are clients of our appraisal services.

Depending on the type of property, the documents that are required can differ. This is why it is easiest when, if interested, you contact the appraisal expert of RE Kinnisvara to specify any details.

If you wish, we will send the appraisal to your bank digitally. The expert appraisals of RE Kinnisvara are accepted by all banks and credit institutions.

The contacts of the appraisal experts can be found here.