RE Kinnisvara AS has been in operation since 1995. Our enterprise has a long history, as we are one of the oldest among Estonian real estate companies. Well-considered decisions, smart employees and motivated managers have made RE Kinnisvara into a reliable company offering a service that is appreciated.

Our main goal is not size, but quality – the quality of our service and client satisfaction both in the brokerage of assets as well as client relations. The results are achieved by the correct point of reference, well-thought-out direction and clear objective. We want to be the best.

In addition to residential real estate, our strength is commercial real estate, where RE is a renowned and reliable partner for many enterprises.

Each company shares the mind-set of its employees and managers. We want to interact with our clients face-to-face to ensure that we understand each other as well as possible. To always be where we are needed.

The consultants and owners of RE Kinnisvara are a harmonious team: we are dedicated and give our best. The company is actively steered by the managing partner Monica Meldo, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate. Monica knows how to bring all the details together both within the company as well as in client relations.

25 specialists

In addition to rational values, we also appreciate emotional values that are often even more decisive than the rational ones. The 25 specialists of RE Kinnisvara know, why, when and what to do, and are happy to share their knowledge.

RE Kinnisvara is keeping up with the times. Unique IT-solutions and an innovative approach to the work process make both our own work as well as client relations easier. Just like our clients, we want to live in a world of smart solutions.

The working process of RE Kinnisvara can be electronically observed in real time, which enables us to find solutions fast. Our strengths are analysis and constant monitoring of the real estate market.


RE Kinnisvara is a real estate company offering a full service.

We provide all services related to real estate, from the realisation of large-scale development projects to the brokerage and appraisal services of both commercial and residential properties.

We have experience in all activity areas, including:

  • organisation of the sale of commercial and residential development projects;
  • analysis and consultations on the real estate market and projects;
  • brokerage service of commercial and residential properties;
  • appraisal of real estate for securing a loan, incl. for courts, financial reporting, etc.

RE Kinnisvara works with all Estonian banks and financial institutions.

Partners of RE Kinnisvara