Oscar Wilde has said that people “know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” In real estate, price and value sometimes do not overlap. During the economic boom, for instance, the price of real estate was typically higher than the value. During the recession, the situation was reversed. Our task is to determine the market value of real estate at a specific time, i.e., the moment in which we live.

Appraising real estate is a process in the course of which property is assigned its current market value. The property that is being appraised may be an apartment, house, lot, business premises or other registered immovable. We also appraise legal shares of registered immovables. RE Kinnisvara AS has been providing appraising services since 1995, and our appraisals are accepted by all financial institutions operating in Estonia.

As a rule, the need for an expert opinion arises when an enterprise is raising additional financing and when seeking a loan against real estate as collateral. Also, expert opinions are often required for resolving court disputes, and in financial statements when adequately describing the economic situation of an enterprise. An expert assessment of residential properties takes 1-2 workdays following the inspection of the property.

Real estate appraisers at RE Kinnisvara AS are publicly certified and attested, operating on the basis of approved standards (EVS875) and the code of good practices of the Estonian Association of Appraisers. We are a reliable partner for auditing companies, banks, and companies that operate in a number of different sectors.

Appraisal of business premises

RE Kinnisvara AS offers its clients solutions that are timely and the best when it comes to appraising more complex real estate. Our experience in appraising business premises is extensive, ranging from manufacturing plants to shopping centres and from industrial parks to ports.

Expert assessments made by RE Kinnisvara vary by size and content, but there is one common denominator – they are made by experts. Our advantage is long-term experience in the commercial property sector, skills in using different appraisal methods and a sizeable customer portfolio, which is why our specialists have an excellent overview of the market situation. Customers who use the appraisal services of RE Kinnisvara AS include a significant share of enterprises in Estonia.

Appraisal of different types of property requires different documentation, which is why we suggest you contact our appraiser for more details. If you wish, we can forward the appraisal to the bank digitally. All banks and credit institutions in Estonia accept expert assessments by RE Kinnisvara.